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Geometrie Volanti GV132/GV232/GV332

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GV132 – 120 x 80 cm
GV232 – 198 x 132 cm
GV332 – 300 x 200 cm

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Geometrie Volanti Collection

The new carpet collection by antoniolupi is an articulated world of signs, geometries, graphics, neutral textures and subtle traces that delimit them, which spans through an encounter between the artistic avant-gardes of the early twentieth century and the current of minimal art of the late 60s reinterpreting them in a contemporary and modern way.‎
Some of the formal matrices are geometry, rigor, the absence of decoration.‎ A synthesis between volume and color, where the notions of space and order are taken into account.‎

GEOMETRIE VOLANTI is a collection of carpets that brings the art world to dialogue with the furnishings, which gives the bathroom a real living dimension, giving it an elegant and refined aura.‎

All the carpets proposed by antoniolupi are made with printed velvet with TUFTING technique.‎


Antonio Lupi

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120 x 80, 198 x 132, 300 x 200


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