Freestanding stone sink with floor drainage complete with open plug, siphon and flexible hose. Sink weight: 177 Kg approx.

Registered model and design patent filed

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From the oldest material to the illusion of shaping the immaterial, from the sculptural tradition of the “well-rounded” shapes to the division in small parts of the surface to create a volume that is an expression of the “subtraction” of many small pieces.‎
The name says it all: a pixel is a point-like element that makes up a digital image, in fact, it is the smallest element that constitutes it.‎ The breakdown in individual pixels of the surface, a kind of three-dimensional mosaic, gives an unprecedented look at the marble sink Pixel.‎ Shape is created by subtraction, man’s idea that comes to life through the use of the machine that is then defined in the end again through man’s choices.‎
Tradition meets technology in a decomposed standardized form, sectioned, intersected by an orthogonal lattice, a cylindrical volume on which the machine has mapped out a clear and definite sign according to a project that leaves open endless possibilities of composition.‎ A freestanding ever-changing sink due to the elimination of pieces imagination can take shape, the image is revealed, the essence comes to light.‎
Lights and shadows, depth and reliefs, combinations and distances, connections and insulation.‎ The pixel game that forms the basin is completely oriented on consequentiality, on proximity, on decorum that comes from the material itself.‎ A gesture, that of subtraction, revealing the shape, which allows you to customize the volume, and which amplifies the three-dimensional design of the project.‎
Pixel is subtraction to compose.‎


Antonio Lupi

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Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 45 × 85 cm



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