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Freestanding sink in Flumood with floor drainage, complete with pressure plug, siphon and flexible hose.


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Simplo 85_Freestanding sink in Flumood with floor drain complete with open drain pipe fitting, siphon and flexible tube.‎

Elegant in their perfectly balanced proportions, minimal in their overall definition of form but at the same time organic: the Simplo basins are perfect in interpreting thin edges and curved corners, the latest trends in interior design and elements of design that make up the bathroom environment.‎
The subtle edges allow you to take advantage of the full capacity of the basins, while the comfortable surface amplifies their functionality.‎ Simplo are made entirely in Flumood.‎ These washbasins can be hung on the wall or top mounted on a small cabinet and can find a place in niches or guest bathrooms.‎


An element, the surface for accessories, that is always a friend of the basin. A functional presence, necessary due to its daily usage, generates a new form, an essence of the project itself. Simplo is a complete family of washbasins made of Flumood® in which part of the basin is occupied by a surface.

Sometimes it cuts off a corner, others divide the space diagonally and in another case it follows one of the parallel sides. This surface generates a new useful volume and transforms round, square and rectangular basins with thin edges into formal compositions. This accessory becomes the protagonist and functionality becomes form.


Antonio Lupi

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Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 45 × 85 cm

Bianco, Falena, Serena, Argilla, Basalto, Delfino, Iceberg, Lichene, Mamba, Ramerino, Smoke, Liquid Metal-Gold, Liquid Metal – Copper


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